Quality Assurance Programs

Service Maintenance.....

With a well-designed program of scheduled inspections, tests, calibrations and documented procedures with traceability; a Matrix Scale Quality Assurance Program will help you protect your profits. Weighing equipment that is not properly maintained can result in customer shortages, potential product loss, or expensive repair costs resulting from undetected scale problems. Matrix scale is qualified to service all manufacturers makes and models.


How scale accuracy can affect your profits.....


In every type of weighing operation, no matter what you are weighing, an increase in scale accuracy can result in an increase in profits. A personally tailored Quality Assurance Program of periodic tests, inspections and calibrations with procedures and traceable documentation can help you avoid needless product giveaways. The frequency of inspections can be suited to your quality requirements and prescheduled for you.


The service you can expect....


Our detailed service and test reports in our unique Quality Assurance Manual provide you with Accurate Procedures, Exact Records of Work Performed, Calibration Tolerances, Timely Status Reports on the condition of your Scales, Information and Future Maintenance Requirements and Supporting Traceable Documentation through Matrix Scale Quality Procedures, S-A-01 Measurement Canada Accreditation and ISO9002/1994, ISO/IEC 17025 Requirements.


Matrix Scale Service Quality Assurance Programs can offer you.....


  • Periodic Inspection and Testing for scale accuracy ensuring that the amount of weighed product that you sell, buy or process is accurate. This maintains customer confidence, product quality and control
  • Quality trained technicians well versed to meet your needs. Periodically, all of our technicians continue with their training through supplier schools, educational seminars and in house training courses.
  • The scheduling and handling of Preventive Maintenance. This gives you the confidence and the freedom to provide more attention to other aspects of your business.
  • Procedural Inspection / Test and Calibration of your scales, reduced down time, extended scale life and maximum scale performance
  • Preferred customer status you will receive priority response to your needs 24 hours per day at our exclusive preferred customer hourly rate.
  • Complete Quality Assurance Manual with complete Procedural Documentation and Traceability to S.A 01 (Measurement Canada Accreditation Program) and ISO9002/1994, IEC/ISO 17025 Requirements.


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