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The future of weighing -

An indicator built for today's needs and tomorrow's challenges


The Matrix 365 is the leading edge indicator for everyday use for common industrial weighing applications. This high performance, multi-function indicator will analyze, store, display and transmit data, providing you with greater visibility of weighing performance. The Matrix 365 is highly adaptable providing you the flexibility required to suit different applications and meet your business needs.

Highly visible IBN Display

The Matrix 365 indicator features the latest technological advancement for highly visible displays. The high contrast, nine segment IBN (Improved Black Nematic) display technology provides an innovative solution for all applications. The excellent color contrast and enhanced viewing angles offered by the IBN technology draws the eye to the important information displayed on the screen, reducing operator error and improved productivity.

Chemical resistant tactile keypad

Part of the 24 key chemical resistant tactile keypad is the standard numeric keypad. The numeric keypad allows users to store multiple Tares and numeric ID's in the internal memory for easy retrieval and for simple entry of numeric values when the counting application is active. Keys for counting, check weighing and process control operations are also standard on the Matrix 365 indicator.

IP69K Stainless Steel Enclosure

The Matrix 365 has a robust IP69K certified stainless steel enclosure for harsh indoor and outdoor use and includes a tilt stand for adjustable viewing angles and provision for mounting onto a wall, desk or column.

In food applications, indicators may be subject to rapid temperature change, whether due to operating conditions or wash down procedures. Extremes of temperature inside and outside the enclosure can result in expansion and contraction of gases, which in turn can lead to moisture and humidity becoming trapped inside. To avoid this issue, the Matrix 365 IP69K indicator is fitted with GORE® Vent technology; a membrane which allows the indicator to breathe without compromising the IP69K enclosure. This industrial food grade technology guarantees no down time due to water ingress.


  • General Weighing - Weighments including the number of transactions can be accumulated, stored and recalled.
  • Check weighing - Display includes a multi-segment graph for fast evaluation, allowing operators to instantly verify whether products are within target ranges.
  • Counting Routines - The Matrix 365 can be utilized with floor scales or bench scales to establish the quantity of pieces being placed into a box or the quantity already in the box for inventory management.
  • Peak Weight - If a maximum weight reading is required, the Matrix 365 can capture and display the peak measurement of stable weights.
  • Process Control - The multi-segmented graph can be used as a filling status annunciator and is equipped with three set point controls to interface with relays for automated mixing or blending operation.
  • Remote Display - The Matrix 365 can be used as a remote display, enabling easy and convenient viewing of weight information where you need it.
  • High Pressure and Heavy Wash down Environments - The Matrix 365 indicator has a rugged, durable 304 brushed stainless steel enclosure. The laboratory certified IP69K enclosure is completely resistant to dust and water ingress and identifies this product as being ideal for use in high pressure and heavy wash down applications.


The Matrix 365 has multi-connectivity, ensuring compatibility and communication between old and new peripheral technologies. An Ethernet port is included as standard, supporting fast and efficient data transfer both locally or across the globe via an IP network, while two RS232 serial interface ports provide for data transfer to older equipment.

The USB host port facilitates communication with printer hardware, as well as offering the option of using a USB storage device to transfer data to a back office PC for integration and management.

Analog output, USB Device, Current Loop, RS485/RS422 and Wireless options are also available, enabling you to utilize the same user friendly interface for numerous applications with a range of connectivity options to suit your business requirements.

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