Matrix Scale Product Line

Matrix Scale service provides high quality products to suit any type of application. We design and manufacture our own industrial scales. Our scales are used throughout the world serving a wide range of industries which include Food Production, Chemical Production, Automotive, Bio-Tech, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing. We also supply many products including load cells, indicators, counting scales, mounting assemblies and printers. Below you will find links to all of our great products that includes useful information such as product specifications and literature for viewing and/or printing

MS Series  Floor Scales                                MB Series Bench scales 

GSE Indicators    Indicators                                    GSE 675 Counting scale  Counting Scales 

JWP waterproof scale   JWP Waterproof scale                 Load Cells  Load Cells


Mounting Assembly  Mounting Assemblies                        Scale feet Scale Accessories

Crane Scale Overhead Weighing                                 Checkweigher Custom Products



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