Company Overview

Matrix Scale Service Inc. is committed to providing quality weighing and process control equipment, and bringing service excellence to your company.

The benefits to your company are:

  • On going production of your products with minimal downtime.
  • Weighing equipment designed to protect your quality and profits.
  • Reporting to ensure compliance in your manufacturing process including ISO 9000 / QS 9000 requirements.
  • Innovative ways and means to increase production and reduce overall costs.
  • Service, provided efficiently and correctly, the first time.


Matrix Scale continues to be a leader in the weighing industry.

In September 2002, Matrix Scale received ACCREDITATION from Measurement Canada to perform initial factory and field inspections on a wide range of weighing devices. We are the first scale company in Ontario to receive this accreditation.

Why is this of interest to our present and future customers?

In attaining this accreditation, we have instituted a quality manual and procedures based on the 20 elements of ISO 9002/1994 as well as the additional standards of Measurement Canada - SA-01. All testing, inspection and calibration procedures follow SA-01 standards and the general requirements of IEC/ISO 17025

Only a short while ago we were a service company - TODAY we are PARTNERS IN QUALITY with our customers.

We have provided weighing solutions to industries for many years. In the beginning we serviced weighing equipment for our industrial clients. Shortly thereafter we designed and manufactured the toughest floor scale on the market. Literally, thousands of these scales  - the MS SERIES - are in use in plants worldwide. You can view this product on this site. Just click the link above.

We will continually strive to improve our corporate profile by being leaders in the industry and developing new products and markets for these technologies.

We will also bring newer, better and more productive solutions to our customers and we will back these solutions with service excellence.


 "We don't just sell scales, we solve problems"